Culture in Assam in its true sense today is a ‘cultural system’ composed of different ethnic cultural compositions. It is more interesting to note that even many of the source-cultures of culture in Assam are still surviving either as sub-systems or as sister entities. In a broader sense, therefore, the cultural system of Assam incorporates its source-cultures and However, it is also important to keep the broader system closer to its roots.

In olden times, the different metals and materials used for the making of ornaments were gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, amber, rhinoceros’ horns and ivory. Well, the traditional Assamese jewellery designs are simple but gemstones such as ruby, pearls and diamonds are also used. The most popular pattern used in Assam Jewelry is black, green and red enameling which is done on gold jewellery.

Among the popular jewellery designs are

1.loka paro:

It has two pigeons placed back to back in gold and rubies. It was originally worn by high profile dignitaries of the royal Ahom dynasty.

which is a crescent moon-shaped pendant and earring with gold and rubies in the front and enamel coating behind.

3. Golpata:
This Assamese jewellery design is made of gold. Stuck around the neck, it has different floral designs on it.

4. Gam kharu:
Gam-Kharus are broad bracelets with clasps previously worn by the males only but now very popular amongst females.The gold gamkharu has a lovely floral pattern inscribed on it. This Assam Jewelry is worn on occasions such as marriages and bihu. In previous times, men used to wear silver gamkharu

5. Thuriya:
These are gold earrings worn largely by older Assamese women. They are notable for a special studded gemstone.

Traditional designs are exquisite. However everyone wants to wear a unique design, something that will stand out. To satisfy this urge of a unique piece while not losing the traditional touch, designers are creating new designs — using different colored gems or incorporating two-three traditional designs into a single piece.
This traditional art is attracting more youth in the state to take up jewelry-making as a profitable profession which is an encouraging sign for the economy of the state. Hope that these exquisite and unique jewelleries of Assam gain popularity outside the state too and occupy a place of pride in its possessor.

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