Autocratic leadership, long chains of command, and poor communication can lead to a depressive work environment and significantly impede their motivation levels. The more motivated an employee is, the more capable they are of benefiting the company. When a job demotivates a worker, they will reduce the quality/ quantity of work, take more days off, and may end up quitting.

A high turnover rate is disastrous for any company. It reflects poorly on the management and could affect potential investments from flowing into the business. But can you blame the workers for feeling this way? Working long hours, barely adequate pay, and no sight of growth in the future can demotivate just about anyone.

Human nature is such that every person wants to be part of a fair give and take relationship.

Substandard pay, poor working conditions, and workplace bullying aren’t going to keep workers turnover low. You are likely to lose your workforce if you are employing any of the conditions mentioned above. You need to learn more about your workers and treat them the way they prefer.

The other option is that they collectively leave or unionize and create significant issues for the company. Providing a comfortable, fair, and no discriminatory work environment could go a long way towards ensuring that you reduce employee turnover and add to the workforce’s overall productivity.

A workspace free of discrimination, appropriate compensation for the work they do, and a neat and clean working environment can make a huge difference.

Human nature dictates that you need a balance of autocracy and democracy. It will benefit the employee and the company if you have a leader who can implement both. It will show the employees that the boss is no pushover. However, they will listen to them whenever they have issues that they want to discuss.

There we see some of the best ways to keep in mind human nature when retaining employees. We must acknowledge that there is no one size fits all strategy, and it varies from business to business. However, these are some of the tried and tested ways to maintain humanistic management and ensure that motivation stays high and turnover stays low.

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